Peterborough Moves

We worked closely with The City of Peterborough and Peterborough GreenUp to build the new website. The website promotes the use of alternate transportation. It also highlights the Active and Safe Routes to School Program, and the Shifting Gears Program each year for the month of May.

This website has interactive functionality that collects data during the Shifting Gears Program. It tracks trips taken by participants to their workplaces, which they log throughout the month. Companies and organizations engage in a friendly virtual competition on-line to see who is saving the most CO2, promoting healthy lifestyle and reducing traffic congestion, among other positive results. Workplaces are recognized for participation, while the best of each category will be awarded the coveted Travel-Wise Employer award and will be featured in the media.

This website is fully responsive. The Shifting Gears program has been active for several years and this year participants will be able to log in anywhere on their smart phones and tablets! Happy Shifting!

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We hope many people get involved in this year’s Shifting Gears Program by walking, biking, taking public transit or carpooling to work for the month of May. Have fun out there. (Now if it would just stop raining!!)


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