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Talk to us. Communication is our thing.

At Studio-N, we’ve helped hundreds of clients. What we pride ourselves most on however, is how much our clients enjoy the process. For us, great design ideas start with great relationships.

We invite you to take a look at our portfolio, please contact us at any time.

Oh yes, we're located in a renovated 1884 heritage building situated in lovely downtown Peterborough at 430 Sheridan Street. We documented the entire renovation in our Blog. Read all about how we whipped the old house into shape and become a ‘real’ studio.

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You’ve found Studio-N. We’re graphic and web designers.

Studio-N delivers deep technological resources. Insight, experience, reliability, and creativity.

We like to think of ourselves as creatives who help business. There’s a lot of similarities between building a website and building a business. To effectively build a business—whether through a simple logo or a comprehensive online community — you need a team that delivers a lot more.

The Studio-N team has the experience, creativity and resources to make it happen.

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Our work, released into the wild.

Slow roasting all of this on the BBQ to make pepper/squash soup later. Includes 3 kinds of squash from… http://t.co/tR8f7jBIc7

The Consumer Dilemma

So, you have countless ways to impact and reach your customers.

Now what do you do?

There’s tremendous choice, and, as always, a limited budget. You can’t afford the time and money pursuing the wrong media avenues. Nor the frustration of working with people who can’t manage projects effectively. Or deliver as promised.

Along with this explosion of media choices, there’s an explosion of small shops that service them. As a consumer, it’s difficult to discern who, and what, is the real deal.

Whether you’re doing a simple logo, or a multi-staged, long-term campaign, you need a communications partner. You need a team that can streamline your efforts—towards the media, and creative ideas, that best suit your business.


Creative ideas are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to communications value.

Great thinking is what drives great communications. It drives you through the labyrinth of media choices. It seeds powerful ideas that culminate in compelling, customized artistic solutions.

Helping you work with the larger picture is what sets us apart.

1. Forest for the Trees

Beyond the simplest of projects, planning is critical. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. There are so many ways you can reach a consumer. Each has good points. Each has bad ones. There are unseen pitfalls, and you can waste a lot of time and money on avenues, that ultimately, provide little value for your business.

Studio-N has extensive experience guiding organizations both large and small.

2. Creativity

Creative designs have a tremendous impact; and that impact defines and drives a business. Studio-N has a long and storied history of exceptional creative ideas that drive results.

View our extensive web, print and logo portfolios.

3. Resources and Project Management

The simple fact is that the majority of small shops servicing businesses don’t have the resources, experience and business savvy to effectively manage projects. This goes from returning e-mails and phone calls, to meeting critical marketing deadlines.

Studio-N has a dedicated, full-time team of designers, programmers and project managers. We have an exceptional record of managing and delivering on projects both large and small.

Things don’t “slip through the cracks” here.

Here we touch on some of our services even though we’re sure you’ve figured out what we do by now.

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Other Services:

If it’s not on our website it doesn’t mean we don’t do it. Call us for a quote.

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Are you responsive? We are.

It’s not about screen size so much anymore but that devices can view websites and allow users to interact with your website. It’s very much about proper design. Ask us about responsive design and how it can work for you…
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Pumpkins Grown In Frankenstein's Face Molds

By simply altering the shape a pumpkin grows, Tony Dighera of Cinagro Farms in California, was able to sell his Frankenstein pumpkins for $75 a piece. Just shows how thinking outside the box, or in this case "inside the mold",  paid off.